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Project Harek (sculptures)

These are the concept of sculptures that protagonist of the story like to make from his spared machines parts from his garage and left out dolls that he collects from the road.

King of the hill--This piece tell story of a king who wants to be bigger king by killing all of his friends and foes but his seat is rigged with machines by others and he is just a vulnerable guy who can be killed easily and all the wrath he is been putting to all of the people is foolish and not a bravery.

Blinded by knowledge--This piece tells a story of a person who is just too afraid to show that he is so dumb and he always corrects people and whenever he talks not a single piece of information comes out from his mouth but lumps of undigested garbage.

Anxiety--This piece tells a story of a very healthy and strong person but there is a tiny fire ant called anxiety living in his ears which makes him as vulnerable as the small guy in the competition be free